Science For Africa Foundation to launch the Second Phase of DELTAS Africa in Nairobi

The Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation) is set to launch the second phase of its DELTAS Africa programme on March 14, 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya. The multi-million-dollar research programme managed by the SFA Foundation with support from Wellcome and the UK FCDO, seeks to produce researchers who drive locally relevant and high-quality health research contributing to improved health and development in Africa and globally.

DELTAS Africa II 2023-2026 is an extension of the successful first phase, and will now include priority research areas such as non-communicable diseases, public health research, social sciences and humanities, implementation science and climate change.

The launch of DELTAS Africa II themed "Impactful Science for Africa's Development", will kick off with the announcement of the 14 grantees that have been selected to conduct research in areas such as cancer, neuroscience, climate and planetary health, and malaria among others. The event will be attended by funding partners, policymakers and will include thought-provoking keynote speeches by high-level guests, an engaging panel discussion on balancing equity and excellence, a key lesson that informed the shape of DELTAS Africa II, and a showcase of the science that will be conducted by the DELTAS Africa consortia.

Following the launch, an inception meeting will be held from March 15-17 to induct the consortia into the ethos of DELTAS Africa and create a shared understanding of the theory of change.

It will also feature the Art for Science Exhibition that aims to promote public engagement with science by making it more accessible and relatable. The exhibition will run from March 13 to May 15 and will feature physical and virtual components, highlighting key research areas such as cancer, neuroscience, climate and planetary health, and malaria.

The launch of DELTAS Africa II is set to create interest that could culminate in additional funding and extended partnerships, strengthen relationships and build networks for DELTAS Africa programmes, and ultimately contribute to the development of impactful science for Africa's development.

Photo courtesy / SFA

Article by Jedidah Mwangi