The Royal Society and AAS to co-host Commonwealth Science Conference 2021

The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and Royal Society will co-host the Commonwealth Science Conference 2021 themed ‘Science for a Resilient Future’ which will take place virtually, due to corona-virus restrictions, from 22 to 26 February.

Leading scientists from Commonwealth nations will gather to explore how science can help the world build resilience against the challenges posed by global environmental crises.

According to Professor Catherine Ngila, the Acting Executive Director of the, African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and co-chair of the conference, they are not only bringing together scientists to showcase their science but to also discuss ideas on how to build more resilient societies to enable  better planning for the future of the continent and the globe.

“ If we have learnt anything from Covid-19, it is to always be prepared for the unexpected”, she added.

Professor Richard Catlow, foreign secretary of the Royal Society and co-chair of the conference said: “The 54 Commonwealth nations represent nearly a third of the world’s population and a hugely diverse mix of societies and economies. Bringing together the best Commonwealth researchers to showcase scientific excellence and share their experiences and perspectives will help drive the scientific innovation needed to make us more resilient to the challenges the future holds.”

The Royal Society and AAS are co-hosting the conference following the success of their existing partnership that supports cutting-edge scientific research in sub-Saharan Africa, which addresses challenges faced by developing countries.

The conference is part of a wider programme, led by the Royal Society, to strengthen ties between scientists from across the Commonwealth. Previous conferences were held in Singapore in June 2017 and Bangalore in November 2014.

Photo courtesy / Andrew Neel (Pexels)

Article by Jedidah Mwangi