Science for Africa Foundation Launches $10.4 Million Initiative to Tackle Youth Mental Health Challenges

In a proactive move to address the pressing mental health challenges faced by young people, the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation) has embarked on a USD $10.4 million partnership with Grand Challenges Canada. This collaboration aims to shed light on the stressors impacting the mental health of the youth through a series of global convenings.

The discussions during these convenings are set to play a pivotal role in shaping a call for research proposals, scheduled to be released by the SFA Foundation in January 2024. This call will specifically target three critical challenges associated with youth mental health.

Young individuals, especially those with personal experiences in mental health, along with advocates and researchers in the field, are invited to actively participate in these convenings, organized in thirteen priority countries. The list includes Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Romania, and Vietnam.

The initiative is designed to fund longitudinal research programs in these countries, with the primary goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the long-term impacts of stressors such as COVID-19, urbanization, and emergency situations on the mental health and well-being of young people.

A core principle of this initiative is to support local innovators who possess an in-depth understanding of their communities. These local innovators are expected to play a crucial role in developing tailored solutions to address the unique mental health challenges within their respective regions. Moreover, the initiative recognizes the importance of engaging with young people who have lived experiences and unique perspectives on mental health, aiming to drive a locally relevant mental health and well-being agenda.

To actively participate in these discussions and contribute to the enhancement of young people's mental well-being, individuals can register for the convenings here


Article by Nyokabi Wanjiku