Science for Africa Foundation Launches Cross Pharma Capacity Development Initiative (CPCDI) to Bridge Clinical Trials Gap in Africa


In a groundbreaking move to address the significant deficit of clinical trials in Africa, the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA) is spearheading the Cross Pharma Capacity Development Initiative (CPCDI), generously funded by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation (Scotland). This transformative program aims to increase investments in clinical research and trials on the continent by fostering collaborative partnerships with local and sector partners.

The initiative comes in response to a striking statistic revealing a substantial gap: despite Africa carrying 25% of the global disease burden and being home to 15% of the global population, less than 3% of clinical trials are conducted in the region. This disparity is attributed to various factors, including insufficient clinical research capacity, regulatory uncertainties, inadequate regional patient and disease area data, and a lack of visibility of existing clinical research capabilities in Africa.

Caxton Murira, the Programme Lead for Clinical Trials and Research Community, underscores the transformative impact that the Cross Pharma Capacity Development Initiative will have on the African research community. The program's core mission is to enhance clinical research and trial capacity through collaboration with local and sector partners, ultimately increasing the number of trials conducted in Africa advancing healthcare, driving innovation, and improving lives across the continent.

Under the leadership of the SFA Foundation, CPCDI will collaborate with product development partners, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders to achieve several key objectives. These include enhancing clinical research facilities, promoting collaboration and coordination among stakeholders, increasing the visibility of clinical research capabilities in Africa, identifying and addressing gaps in clinical trial capacity, and improving patient access to cutting-edge treatments in the region.

The overarching goal of this initiative is to sustainably boost the number of clinical trials conducted in Africa, improve health outcomes for patients on the continent, and enhance the overall capacity for clinical trials in Africa. The partnership between the Science for Africa Foundation and Johnson & Johnson signifies a significant step toward a new era of clinical research and healthcare innovation, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration in addressing critical healthcare challenges.


Article by RB Reporter