10th AfricaLics PhD Academy Calls for Papers: Opportunity for African Scholars to Explore Innovation and Development

The 10th AfricaLics PhD Academy has announced a call for papers, inviting PhD students and a limited number of Master's students from African universities to participate in this exclusive opportunity. Organized in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, and FasoLics, the virtual event focuses on scholars specializing in innovation and development studies.

Established in 2012, the AfricaLics network is dedicated to researching the intersection of innovation and development studies within African countries. This encompasses exploring how new products, processes, organizational forms, and work methods contribute to economic and social development.

The one-week virtual academy offers participants a platform to deepen their understanding of innovation and development studies, interact with renowned academics in the field, and receive valuable feedback on their ongoing research. The multidisciplinary approach of the AfricaLics network ensures a comprehensive examination of innovation processes and their impact on social and economic development at various levels, ranging from the firm to the global stage.

Eligible applicants are Ph.D. students in their second and third years, actively engaged in innovation and development studies and demonstrating a keen interest in the correlation between innovation and economic and social development in Africa. The Academy aims to accommodate approximately 20-25 students from Africa, alongside a select number from other parts of the world specializing in innovation and development issues relevant to African countries.

The call encourages researchers from diverse disciplines, including economics, political science, and engineering, reflecting the broad spectrum of expertise within the AfricaLics network. Applicants are required to submit relevant documents to the AfricaLics Secretariat by March 22, 2024, for consideration.

The 10th AfricaLics PhD Academy offers a unique platform for scholars to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the advancement of innovation and development studies, fostering meaningful impacts on the socio-economic landscape of African nations.

Article by Nyokabi Wanjiku