AHRI Secures a $90 Million Grant From Wellcome Trust To Advance HIV and TB Research

In a groundbreaking development, the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) and University College London (UCL) have successfully secured an impressive grant of $90 million from the Wellcome Trust. This monumental seven-year funding infusion reaffirms their pivotal roles in driving forward HIV and tuberculosis (TB) research across the African continent. The grant will catalyze AHRI's pioneering scientific pursuits, with a specific focus on combatting diseases that remain the primary contributors to illness and mortality in the region. These include HIV, TB, emerging infections like Covid-19, and often-neglected diseases.

AHRI has earned distinction for its clinical trials unit, dedicated to testing novel drugs and vaccines. Additionally, the institute is committed to implementation trials, a strategic approach to effectively disseminate health innovations. With a strong emphasis on public engagement and an extensive network of local and international collaborations, AHRI is at the forefront of health research.

Professor Willem Hanekom, Executive Director of AHRI and a faculty member of UCL Infection & Immunity, lauded the grant as an unequivocal validation of their ability to generate impactful scientific research. Hanekom highlighted, "Our diverse research spectrum, spanning from population studies to fundamental sciences, combined with robust community collaborations, positions us uniquely to tackle urgent health challenges among underserved populations globally."

UCL plays a pivotal role as a key academic partner for AHRI, boasting 28 dedicated faculty members engaged in interdisciplinary research. AHRI's impressive infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art health and demographic surveillance system in northern KwaZulu-Natal, alongside cutting-edge laboratories that stand among the best on the continent.

Professor Mark Emberton, Dean of UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences, underscored the partnership's dedication to excellence, emphasizing the positive impact on healthcare for underserved populations.

Cheryl Moore, Chief Research Programmes Officer at the Wellcome Trust, commended AHRI's leadership in spearheading research into persistent threats like TB and HIV, while also addressing contemporary challenges such as COVID-19 and adolescent mental health. This grant stands as a testament to Wellcome's unwavering support for African-led science, aimed at improving health outcomes across South Africa and the broader African continent.

A noteworthy collaboration between UCL's London Centre for Nanotechnology and AHRI in 2021 resulted in innovative technology poised to revolutionize HIV test result interpretation, particularly in resource-limited settings.

With this substantial grant infusion, AHRI's transformative research efforts are poised to enter a new era of sustainable progress. The grant's impact promises to reshape the healthcare landscape in South Africa and beyond, delivering tangible benefits to communities across the continent.


Article by Jed Mwangi