Africa-Europe Foundation Launches Initiative for Collaborative Research

In a bid to strengthen ties and foster mutual understanding, the Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) has announced a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting collaborative research between the two continents. The foundation revealed today the commencement of a Call for Proposals, marking the beginning of a multiannual research partnership spanning from July 2024 to December 2025. This initiative seeks to establish an "Africa-Europe Research Consortium," envisioned to deepen comprehension and drive impactful policy development across key thematic areas.

Central to this endeavour is the recently unveiled "State of Africa-Europe Report 2024," a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Africa-Europe Foundation. Serving as a benchmarking exercise, the report assesses the progress of the Africa-Europe Partnership while scrutinizing existing policy and financial commitments between the African Union and the European Union.

The Call for Proposals invites research organizations from Africa and Europe to delve into three priority chapters from the report, focusing on Sustainable Finance, Climate and Development, and Science, Education, and Culture. Through rigorous research and data analysis, these organizations are expected to contribute to generating crucial evidence to identify obstacles and opportunities in the Africa-Europe Partnership.

The primary aim of the AEF research program is to bridge the gap between policy formulation and implementation, thereby strengthening the Africa-Europe Partnership. By harnessing the expertise of diverse stakeholders, including think tanks, research institutes, universities, as well as civil society organizations and social enterprises, the initiative seeks to develop robust knowledge products that inform policy decisions and drive tangible outcomes.

The proposed Africa-Europe Research Consortium will operate collaboratively, leveraging the collective strengths of African and European research institutions. Through a meticulously designed work plan, participants will embark on an 18-month journey to produce actionable insights and policy recommendations. Emphasizing geographic and thematic balance, the consortium aims to address critical challenges while identifying opportunities for mutual benefit and cooperation.

Interested organizations are encouraged to submit their proposals by the deadline of May 23, 2024. Upon selection, consortium members will embark on a journey of collaborative research, with regular reviews ensuring the validity and relevance of their endeavours.


Article by Nyokabi Wanjiku