African Universities See Increased Representation in 2024 Times Higher Education Young University Rankings

In a significant development, African universities have seen a notable rise in representation in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings. The 2024 rankings feature 673 institutions, up from 605 the previous year, with Africa now boasting 77 universities on the list. This marks a substantial increase from 39 institutions five years ago, highlighting the continent's growing presence in the global higher education landscape.

Nigeria has made particularly impressive strides, increasing its representation from a single university in 2020 to ten institutions in the latest rankings. This growth reflects a robust development within Nigeria’s academic sector and positions the country as a key player in Africa’s higher education scene.

Ghana also made its debut in this year’s rankings, adding to the diverse geographical representation within the table. Such advancements signify the expanding global footprint of African higher education and underscore the evolving dynamics of academic excellence across different regions.

Janet Ilieva, founder and director of Education Insight consultancy, points out the significant potential for growth within countries that currently have participation rates below the global average of 40 percent. "Africa, with its demographic outlook and projected increase in tertiary education-aged learners, is poised for significant advancement," Ilieva notes. She adds that while East Asia and the Pacific regions dominate global higher education, substantial growth is expected from regions such as South Asia and Africa in the coming decade.

On the global front, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore retains its top position for the second consecutive year, underscoring the competitive nature of the rankings.

As African universities continue to gain recognition in prestigious rankings such as THE Young University Rankings, the continent’s higher education sector is on a transformative path towards greater excellence and innovation.


Article by Jed Mwangi