Kenya's ILRI and University of Edinburgh Renew Decades-Long Partnership for Livestock Systems Research

In a noteworthy development, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) based in Kenya and the University of Edinburgh in the UK have reaffirmed their longstanding partnership, aiming to propel collaboration in livestock systems research to new heights. The strategic alliance, which has spanned decades, will focus on critical areas such as One Health and infectious diseases, food systems transformation, genetic improvement, and sustainable livestock production.

Elsa Murano, Chair of the ILRI Board of Trustees, underscored the significance of livestock in agriculture, noting that it is the fastest-growing sector in agriculture, and ensuring its growth is sustainable and equitable is essential. Murano expressed enthusiasm for the continued collaboration, emphasizing the successful teamwork that ILRI and the University of Edinburgh have fostered over the years.

A key aspect of the renewed partnership is the commitment to nurturing future talent and building essential infrastructure, particularly in Africa. Initiatives will include creating opportunities for career development, offering studentships, and facilitating exchange visits to share expertise and optimize resources. These efforts are designed to bridge the gap between research and practice, aiming for tangible real-world impact.

The collaboration will address pressing challenges, with a significant focus on the impacts of climate change on livestock. The partners will concentrate on identifying local breeds and forage varieties that are resilient to heat stress and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Bruce Whitelaw, Chair of Animal Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh, expressed delight in renewing the partnership and anticipates building on joint successes to address some of the most critical challenges of our time.

By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, this renewed partnership is poised to drive substantial advancements in research and innovation, particularly in addressing challenges related to food systems and sustainable livestock development.



Article by RB Correspodent