Research Beeline to host a session on North-South collaboration in Science and innovation at UNGA77 Science Summit

The 8th edition of the Science Summit around the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) is underway. It will take place between 13th and 30th of September 2022. Organized by ISC and its partners, there shall be over 400 sessions; approximately 100 hybrid events will take place in New York City, with the remainder taking place online.

The theme of the conference is: The role and contribution of science to attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The objective is to develop and launch science collaborations to demonstrate global science mechanisms and activities to support the attainment of the UN SDGs, Agenda 2030 and Local2030. The meeting will also prepare input for the United Nations Summit of the Future, which will take place during UNGA78 beginning on 12 September 2023.

Research Beeline is privileged to host one of the sessions on sustainability of North-South collaboration in science, research and innovation and speakers from both the academia and grant-makers sides have been invited; Joseph Njogu and CEO of Research Beeline when sharing his expectation on the event said; “We look forward to a very informative session where we can challenge the current skewed status of collaboration by scientists from global North and South”.

Speakers for the session include Kora Tushune, a founding Vice President and associate professor at Jimma University, Dr José Jackson-Malete, the Co-Director of the Alliance for African Partnerships (AAP) at Michigan State University and Julia Wiethüchter, the Program Manager, World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations (WAITRO) among others.

You are invited to register on the following link:

Photo Courtesy / UNGA77 Science Summit

Article by Caroline Nyokabi