The United Kingdom has initiated a new programme to restore ecosystems in Africa and Asia

The UK has launched a new programme which will enable new research and innovations to help protect and restore natural ecosystems across Africa and Asia. The initiative, known as Reversing Environmental Degradation in Africa and Asia [REDAA], will seek to reverse the deterioration of nature and biodiversity in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

REDAA will support work to improve the condition of natural landscapes in these regions and improve the resilience of local communities against climate-related phenomena through research on the ground and action driven by people.

This announcement follows research supported by REDAA, which has found that nature-based solutions implemented at the local level are essential for addressing inequality. These solutions can create jobs and increase income for the poor and vulnerable, with estimates suggesting that investing in nature-based solutions could generate over 20 million jobs globally. 

Institutions based across Africa and Asia can apply for research grants, to research local ecosystems and their links to livelihoods, and develop innovative and appropriate technical approaches for environmental management, conservation and restoration.

This program is part of the UK's pledge to provide £11.6 billion in international climate finance to address the urgent impacts of climate change and support the transition to environmentally sustainable economies and societies.


Article by Carolyne Nyokabi