African School of Regulation (ASR) Launched at Africa Climate Summit 2023 to Drive Sustainable Energy Transition

Hon. Herbert Krapa, Republic of Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Energy, gives keynote remarks at ASR launch event

The Africa Climate Summit 2023 witnessed a historic moment with the official launch of the African School of Regulation (ASR), a groundbreaking initiative held in collaboration with the Republic of Kenya and the African Union. The ASR, now incubated by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) headquartered in Accra, Ghana, is set to play a pivotal role in advancing Africa's energy sector, aligning with the Agenda 2063 goals for sustainable development.

The launch event of ASR was co-hosted by the ACBF, the European University Institute (EUI), and The Rockefeller Foundation, underscoring the significance of this initiative in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions for Africa. To ensure a broad reach and inclusivity, ASR will establish a network of implementing partners across diverse regions and languages in Africa. These partners will collaborate closely with ASR to organize events and customize the knowledge base to address local needs.

The selection of the ACBF as the incubator for ASR was driven by its esteemed reputation, extensive geographical presence, and close ties with African institutions as a Specialized Agency of the African Union.

Mr. Mamadou Biteye, Executive Secretary of the ACBF, emphasized the pivotal role ASR will play in guiding Africa towards a sustainable energy transition. He stated, "The ASR will facilitate capacity development, encourage innovative regulatory solutions, and create an ecosystem that attracts increased investments." He further stressed the importance of skills development, knowledge sharing, and promoting the inclusion of women and young people in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

Mr. William Asiko, Vice President of The Rockefeller Foundation's Africa Regional Office, praised the collaboration between ACBF and ASR as a testament to Africa's leadership in forging a sustainable energy future. This initiative aligns seamlessly with The Rockefeller Foundation-supported Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet's efforts to accelerate clean energy investments in multiple African nations.

ASR has garnered strong support from various technical and resource partners, including the Enel Foundation, Energy Nexus Network (TENN), Global Energy Alliance for the People and the Planet (GEAPP), and more. The establishment of ASR marks a significant milestone in Africa's journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

With these formidable partnerships and a clear vision, ASR is poised to become a driving force behind Africa's sustainable energy transformation, setting the continent on a path towards a greener and more prosperous future.

Article by Jed Mwangi