Firms partner to bring power power, water solutions in Tanzania

Innovation Africa (iA), a nonprofit organization, has entered into a global partnership with Bayport Management to extend its solar and water solutions across the country. Bayport Tanzania, through the provision of a vehicle and other logistical support, has enabled iA to commence a project in Dodoma.

The project in Dodoma comprises to install a solar system at the Bumbuta Health Centre, as well as a pump system to supply Iyoli village with clean water. The partnership, according to a statement issued yesterday, centered on improving people’s living conditions through access to clean water and lighting.

Bayport Chief Executive Officer Stuart Stone said the partnership geared to give people in emerging markets access to the means to improve their lives and build a more secure future.“The partnership with iA is a good fit for us,” Mr. Stone, the joint CEO of Bayport said. iA planned to complete five water projects and two solar projects in Dodoma over the next few months.

To date iA has already implemented 18 solar systems in the country, 16 of them powering schools and medical clinics in the Bagamoyo and Chalinze in Coast Region. Founder and CEO of iA, Sivan Ya’ari, said the support of Bayport had enabled us to offer solutions to remote villages in the country.

“We are extremely grateful to partner with Bayport and look forward to the evolution of this fruitful collaboration,” Ms. Ya’ari said. In June, iA re-located its country office to Dodoma to better meet the high demand for clean water and solar energy.

The collaboration between the two companies will help to improve health and better education, having a positive impact on the lives of people across the country through the use of solar energy and water technologies.iA is a US-based organization with a mission to bring Israeli solar, water, and agricultural techniques to rural African villages. Its goal is to reach 1,000 communities, impacting six million people, over the next seven years.

To date, it has completed over 200 solar installations bringing light, access to clean water, improved education, refrigeration for vaccines and medicines, and proper nutrition and food security to cover million people in remote villages in Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Cameroon. The communities Bayport serves overlap with its areas of operation in Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa.


Courtesy of the Daily News website;