ViiV Healthcare’s commitments to accelerate HIV management in children

As a specialist HIV company, ViiV Healthcare (ViiV) is committed to addressing the ongoing challenges and gaps in treatment options and management of HIV treatment in children and adolescents.

ViiV recognizes that pediatric dolutegravir is a high priority for children living with HIV. They continue to actively engage with global pediatric stakeholders, including Médecins Sans Frontières, to understand the challenges and progress of their efforts towards solutions to accelerate development and subsequent access.

Building on their successful track-record, they are focusing efforts on accelerating the development and availability of age-appropriate HIV treatment options, with dolutegravir in particular. Through a series of novel solutions and interventions, they are working with global partners to deliver industry-leading, sustainable solutions that can be successfully implemented across the developing world, where the burden of HIV in infants and children is highest.

ViiV continues to prioritize the research and development and global registration of pediatric formulations of dolutegravir across age and weight bands. They continue to make progress on the programme, working with the IMPAACT and PENTA clinical trial networks and by the requirements of the regulatory authorities and have committed to more transparency about the submission of administrative files for pediatric dolutegravir.

Beyond their formulation development, they have just announced an innovative public-private partnership initiative with Unitaid and CHAI to accelerate development of optimal pediatric formulations of dolutegravir. The action provides two generic manufacturers who hold pediatric dolutegravir sub-licenses from the Medicines Patent Pool, Mylan and Macleods with a financial incentive award from Unitaid via CHAI, as well as the technical expertise of ViiV Healthcare, to catalyze the development, registration, manufacture, and supply of generic formulations of pediatric dolutegravir.

Courtesy of ViiV Healthcare website;